Reduce cellulite with liposuction?

Many women have many insecurities due to cellulite’s presence, and for a long time, society has cataloged cellulite as an unpleasant factor that women should not have. And although many women believe that it is synonymous with ugliness and that it is not something normal, the truth is that cellulite is present in all women. There are indeed cases in which it is more visible, but it is present in every woman.

It is normal to want to fight this factor, so many of them request the help of plastic surgeons to improve this area of the body that they dislike so much. So, in many cases, these specialists opt for a liposuction procedure to combat this condition, but can liposuction eliminate cellulite?

In this article, we will mention if this is true and how the answer may depend on various factors. So, if you are interested in this topic, we invite you to read on.

The use of liposuction as a treatment to eliminate the presence of cellulite will depend on various conditions, especially the state of the skin, i.e., the fatness and care, and the age of the patient, hormone levels, and the fibrous tissues underneath the skin—also, the thickness of the dermis, the muscle volume, and the genetics of the patients. Many of the women have cellulite due to a hormonal condition and for genetic reasons.

On the other hand, patients must understand that there are two conditions or alterations that can affect the skin, which is cellulite and lipodystrophy. The first one is an alteration in part under the skin, which causes nodules and hollows, which visually and to the touch can be identified. The areas that present this type of symptoms are characterized by high percentages of adipocytes, which negatively modify the skin conditions.

Cellulite reduction procedure

Although today there are indeed many invasive and non-invasive treatments that help improve the appearance of skin produced by cellulite, the truth is that none of these procedures will eliminate cellulite or lipodystrophy. Many surgeons opt for other types of processes, such as carboxytherapy or lipolysis.

As a method of visually improving the skin conditions, one can opt for the use of creams, which are accompanied by radiofrequency or ultrasound, which can considerably improve cellulite appearance. Many of these procedures are usually included within the mommy makeover surgery in Tijuana.

All the procedures that will be performed to improve the skin to work and significant changes can be noticed. It will be necessary for patients to lead a healthier lifestyle, where they continuously exercise and eat a healthy diet.

In case the patient presents lipodystrophy, it will be necessary to opt better for liposuction, mainly because this condition cannot be treated only with exercise or diet. Still, the intervention will be essential to eliminate this problem effectively. Mostly because the fat deposits that alter the skin will be filed, thus giving a smooth surface.

Therefore, cellulite can be reduced through non-invasive cosmetic procedures, accompanied by diet and exercise, and lipodystrophy through liposuction.