What is a Gastric Bypass?


If you suffer from overweight and have not managed to finish a diet and end up having the initial weight, and you are tired of that urge to eat a lot of food, maybe a gastric bypass is the most viable solution, because it is a simple surgery, that does not require too much time in recovery and guarantees a long-term weight reduction in almost all cases.

In this procedure, doctors significantly reduce the size of the stomach, leaving it a size that digests about one ounce (28 grams) of food, reducing the amount of food consumed minimizing the body weight without the need for overly complex diets. In addition, it connects a portion of the small intestine to the stomach, reducing the digestion time. 

The operation requires local anesthesia and recovery can lasts a few weeks depending on several factors. Clearly during recovery, you will need to follow your doctor’s recommendations, as you can first consume only liquids, then pureed foods and finally more solid foods. You won’t be able to eat as much food as before and you’ll have many restrictions on what you can eat and drink.

The results of a gastric bypass are not immediately noticed, as a noticeable reduction in the amount of food consumed allows to reduce the excess weight by up to seventy percent over a two-year period, also solving other conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gastric reflux, among others.

Why is Mexico a good place to have a gastric bypass?

It is well known that Mexico is an exemplary country in the realization of multiple medical procedures, as well as cosmetic surgeries, because it has professionals graduated from prestigious medical schools at the Latin American level and also from the United States, which is the neighboring country. Similarly, the state that stands out most in the realization of such procedures is Baja California, for more signs, the city of Tijuana.

Having a gastric bypass Mexico is an excellent alternative if you have enough budget to perform this procedure, because it is not only economical compared to the price it has in other nations, but the quality and results of the operation are guaranteed. In addition, many people who have had these procedures have claimed that Mexico is one of the best countries to go to this surgery.

A gastric bypass involves a recovery with soft foods and reduced food consumption, so long-term body weight is guaranteed to be reduced to stabilize, if the above is not enough, gastric bypass Mexico allows no more junk, high-calorie food to be consumed, it’s as if your normal feeding is a diet.

Likewise, having less food to eat, the pantry comes out cheaper, because with the amount of food one used to consume for a month, it yields for much longer, leaving much more money for other needs.