Aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dentistry

Currently many dentists are interested in learning about simple cosmetic procedures that they can perform, and that are in fact necessary in some procedures, such as: filling of cheekbones and chins, lip reconstruction, contouring of the same, lip filling, wrinkle treatment, mesotherapy, and much more.

Can both disciplines be combined?

Aesthetic medicine is a discipline in itself, and of course, dentists do not intend to invade it, but, as patients, we can indicate that it would be great to be able to work together the aesthetic and the dental part so that together they achieve a perfect smile. Orthodontics is the most requested.

Did you know that dental braces Tijuana are used by people all over the world? Well, more and more people come every day on vacation to perform orthodontic procedures, so it is really important that dentists know something about minimal cosmetic surgeries on the face, so they can perform these procedures at once.

Obviously it would be something very interesting, which is still being talked about, basically the projects that have been presented imply that dentists do a master’s degree in simple facial cosmetic surgery, in such a way that they can involve very simple procedures in their treatments.

Suppose that a person fell down the stairs and lost a tooth, breaking his lip as well, which generated a small scar, making the profile of the lip appear with a small white line.

A dentist with a master’s degree in facial aesthetics would not only fix the tooth, but would suggest the patient a touch-up in the lip contouring and this procedure could also be performed in the same office!

Now imagine that an older adult is going to have a dental implant. What if the dentist also performs a procedure Botox Tijuana on the expression lines on, under and around the lips, a total renovation!

This would save not only money but time for patients who wish to resort to dental and aesthetic procedures, without having to make a double appointment with different specialists, since a single highly qualified and professional person would perform this procedure, reducing the errors that, in some clinics aesthetic, people not trained in medicine can get to commit. 

A dentist is a highly trained professional, in fact, he has spent 5 years or more studying aesthetics and dental procedures, and he knows perfectly the nerves and muscles of the face, so it would be very easy for him to complement his knowledge to be able to apply simple facial aesthetic procedures.

These are not complex surgeries, such as a cheekbone reconstruction, but yes, a filling in the cheeks, they are two very different things but they can be applied if the professional manages to study and really prepare so that the techniques are carried out correctly. 

Thus, some aesthetic treatments would go from the spa to the dental office, which one would you trust the most to perform a procedure? The answer arises by itself, so it only remains to wait if the universities and the government would enter this adventure.