Braces in adulthood

Braces are very common in our days. You may already be seeing them everywhere, yet you still think of them in the mouths of teenagers. For about 30 years it became common to use them because people, in general, realized how accessible they were, how many needed it and that if they searched well it could even be something affordable.

Since the 9o’s this braces fashion was popularized and not everyone was comfortable with them, they were big devices and they bothered in the mouth, they were usually made of metal and they reflected the light like mirrors, nowadays this is already changing, with the creation of so many new styles less visible and annoying to see. Now they are more discreet, less uncomfortable, modern styles and variety of designs, even in its transparent version depending on your need.

With the reach of braces worldwide more people have had the possibility of having them, not only young people, to that we must add that they are not as long procedures as they were a few years ago, regularly attending appointments, taking good care dental, well use the rubber band that the dentist you can be sure will be a quick procedure, that and also depends on the problems of each person, some have a less accelerated process according to their severity.

Why do you not have to embarrass yourself using braces even if you’re an adult?

If you go over 30 and you think it is unnecessary to use braces because you are already an adult and there is nothing to solve… You have to know that it is never too late to improve your smile, do not give up with your teeth. Maybe for different reasons you have not decided to use them as a young person because you do not have the financial means, have not found the problem or that the use of the braces was not so widespread or if you are in the group of people who went through some dental extractions a and its teeth underwent a change of position and you want to solve it or those that have undergone a natural change in the position of their teeth or force when the wisdom teeth were present and caused the movement of some teeth, a procedure like all on 4 implants Tijuana can be necessary. 

Before going to investigate about the types of braces that are available you have to go to the dentist, he can evaluate how serious your problem is or if it is just a bite problem, that will also be the factor that will determine how long you will use them and on what force pressure on teeth will be applied. The movement is smooth, do not despair with little time invested you will have that ideal smile you need.

Another advantage of using braces in the 21st century is that the braces (support that houses the wire arch) have become smaller over the years, that way your lips will not be protruding because of the new space that is occupying orthodontics

This and the increased effectiveness of today’s braces have caused an increase in the number of adults who choose to wear braces to straighten their teeth. Moreover, today’s braces actually require less time to fix malocclusions than braces did in the past.

How to know if I am a candidate for braces?

The braces can only be placed on people with healthy teeth, if you have a tooth with decay, you need an extraction or your teeth are rotting you can be sure that the procedure is going to have to be postponed to give a solution to that tooth and then be able to continue correctly with the procedure. In most cases, this involves dealing with fractures, cracks, and infections, which are typically repaired with fillings, crowns, or root canals. If there is a plate, it will have to be removed too. For some adults, it is recommended that wisdom teeth be removed before starting with the braces.

Why do adults not use braces even though they know they need them?

Sometimes the shame that they are older is a factor, but the most decisive is when you do not have the eccentric amounts of money that some dentists ask for carrying out the procedure. It is true that many times the area where you look for your dentist can make the prices increase depending also on their reputation and experience, but if you are looking for something cheaper and you can not find it in your city you can go abroad to

In other parts of the world there are also many highly trained dentists who will guarantee you a quality job, example of them are India, Australia, Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica, you can take your vacation to one of these countries to solve something you need and Then proceed as you should with the orthodontics you need even if it seems that you are old for these things, it is never too late.